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Down Club Draw 2015

posted Dec 6, 2014, 4:28 AM by Saval WebAdmin

Saval/Down County Draw 2015 - Prize Fund £110,000.
10 MONTHLY DRAWS 5 Prizes of £1,000 to be won per month 
2 SUPER DRAWS June & December 1 Prize of £5,000, 5 prizes of £2,000, and 10 prizes of £1,000
Ticket cost £120.00 or Direct Debit payment of £10.00 per month commencing 25th January 2015.
Why we need you to sign up:
This is the main club 2015 fundraiser – last year we sold nearly 200 tickets and if we sell our target of 250 tickets this year we will raise over £20,000 for Saval GAC.
It costs just over £110,000 a year to run the club – current membership registration mainly covers team registrations & insurance.
If we can get a majority of families / members to sign up there will be less pressure to run fundraising events throughout the year.
The club draw is a fairer way for the club to fundraise as it spreads the cost and effort across the club membership rather than the dedicated few who do all the work, attend all the events and pay their way for the benefit of all.
Tickets are £120 and can be paid upfront by cash/cheque or by direct debit of only £10 per month - Saval GAC gets back £96 of each £120. (Cheques for full payment must be made payable to the Down GAA Clubs Draw)
Don’t just leave it to others please sign up today - contact any committee member to arrange sign up and payment options.