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Gaelic 4 Mums News!!!

posted Jul 15, 2013, 12:58 PM by Saval Gac
Too Young For Pilates

Then Gaelic4Mothers & Others is for you.

Gaelic4Mothers & Others is a recreational and non-competitive form of Ladies Football. Anyone woman over 18 who is not currently playing Adult competitive football with a club is eligible to play. Despite the name, women do not have to be a mother to participate.
G4MO is not all about football, it is very much social as well and we have a team of ladies who enjoy “their time” away to training  and games. 
One of the key elements of Gaelic4Mothers & Others is the community support network that it creates for women and the positive physical and mental impact that it has on the day to day lives of participants.

So why not join us, we train every Thursday 6-45pm to 8-00pm. 
Really it is 7-00pm by the time the catch up time is finished.

Come and Support Us
On Saturday 20th July the Saval Annual Invitational Blitz takes place, with teams from across Ulster participating. On show will be all the good things the mums' game has to offer.
Footballers actually kicking the ball, no blanket defence, no cycnial fouling and plenty of fun.
Play starts 12-30pm. 

Anthony Crozier
Saval G4MO Manager