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Keep 'Er Lit - Kevin McKernan at Saval GAC

posted Apr 22, 2013, 3:07 AM by Saval Gac
Kevin Kicks to KEEP 'ER LIT
I am carrying out a charity penalty kick challenge on the weekend of the 20th/21st April to support the charity ‘KEEP 'ER LIT’ for the treatment of my cousin Mark. Mark Mc Kernan is a 42 year old gent, married wi
th 4 kids. He is well known throughout the county and province as the proprietor of Mc Kernan Motors, Armagh Rd, Newry.

Mark was diagnosed with a brain tumour 5 years ago, which was unfortunately described as inoperable under the NHS. He and his family sought help further afield and travelled for extensive surgery and treatment to Europe. All of this self-funded. We as a family have already raised £25,000 over the past 2 years for Brainwaves NI. A charity organised to fund research into Brain Tumour Treatment.

‘KEEP 'ER LIT’ is the first fundraising effort organised to support Mark and his family personally, and has been set up following the diagnosis of a further tumour earlier this year. Over the past 6 weeks he has travelled to Hamburg University Hospital, Germany for further surgery and The Tumour Institute Duderstadt, Germany for adjuvant Immune Therapy. Again, all of this has been self-funded.

As part of our fundraising effort I am proposing to travel round the 44 football clubs in Down County over a 2 day period. As you can understand this is a very tight timescale. A penalty will be taken in each club and I will be staying for 15 minutes for support/group photo/meet and greet. We will need your help to publicise this event as this will only work if we can together gather a supportive crowd. I would really appreciate a contact number from your club to liaise with and convey further information to organise this. The timeframe and further information on fundraising will be confirmed over the next few days and the event publicised in local media. You can also check for updates using our facebook link .

This obviously is a cause very close to my heart. I hope that you can help us to ‘KEEP 'ER LIT’ and join in the fun by bringing your community together to bring the positives from a bad situation, by raising funds for a worthwhile cause and for a courageous young man.
I look forward to hearing from you regarding receipt of this e-mail and confirmation of a contact from your club to the following e-mail address:
                                            (Picture Courtesy of Anthony Crozier)