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SAVAL G4 MUMS – against the odds!!!

posted May 26, 2013, 4:45 AM by Saval Gac
SAVAL G4 MUMS – against the odds!!!
Report by Imelda Fearon 

There was a great turn out; the annual mourne walk which took place on Binnian on Saturday 18th May. In misty overcast conditions the team battled on reaching the summit in record time. Andrea and Maura pushed the group to maintain a fast pace, Clare fell in behind but due to diversions when taking photographs for the family album fell off to the back of the group. 

Mary and Paula were quite active in their efforts to keep the frostbite at bay, they did star jumps and a few Zumba steps to keep the blood flowing. Talking of fancy footwork, Air Mountain rescue were almost called when Rosie did a bit of Michael Flattely on the decent. Bravely she agreed to continue, a real hero, though you get a sense it’s going to dominate the discussion at the weekly training for weeks to come. 

Bernie came well prepared, flask, lunch-box, energy food, she too pushed the pace, keen to get a cup of tea and her feet up at the top. What disappointment, shivering with both excitement and the cold, as she poured her hot water there was a distinct shuffle of silver fragment of glass, Bernie’s facial expression said it all, and her comment can’t be recorded. Quite simply the flask was broke.

At the peak maps were spread, Aisling studied her compass; Fearghal and Anthony scratched their heads and talked about how they used to do it in the good old days with the boy scouts and said “sure go on there’s only two foot visibility, but we are bound to find our way down” Now that’s health and safety at its best. Imelda had the distinct advantage of keeping the record for reporting purposes, so needed to keep her “wits” about her. 

The journey down remained fast, the rain was closing in and the hair do’s long forgotten. It was warm fires, X factor, drink and never climbing another mountain that dominated discussion for those that could still talk. 

The group all arrived safely back at the car park, Anthony happy in the knowledge that his players were now capable of anything, he’s just hoping that all the other G4 MUMS, teams don’t get wind of his training regime, we could be suspended on grounds of madness. Another achievement and the craic was good, the muscle pains now gone and thoughts of the next team challenge, sure that’s what G4 MUMS is all about.