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Saval Golf Society AGM

posted Jan 17, 2012, 1:18 AM by Saval Gac   [ updated Jan 17, 2012, 1:56 AM ]

Barrie McCoy is the Captain of the Saval Golfing Society for 2012


At the recent AGM of the Saval Golfing Society, held in the Saval GAC club, Barrie McCoy was announced as the new Captain for 2012, in fact, he will be the 25th Captain of the Society.

This year is the 25th Year of the Society’s existence, and we still have some of the original members involved. Who would have thought it would have lasted this long way back at the first meeting in the Cove Bar in 1987.

To mark the 25th Anniversary, it was decided to reduce the membership for this year only to £25.00 and have an open invitation for all ex members to join for this year or if that does not suit, it will be open for all those ex members to attend the 12th July outing as a celebration of the 25 years.

The 25th AGM was poorly attended but as usual there was enough there to have very constructed debates on the various points raised, the following election of officers were made.

1.       Captain – Barrie McCoy

2.       Secretary – Seamus Sands

3.       Treasurer – Michael Redmond

4.       Starters – Damien Redmond, Dominic McCarthy

5.       Meals Co-ordinator – Patrick (Rusty) McCarthy

6.       Marking the Cards – Anthony Rice

7.       Handicap & Rules Committee – Captain, Secretary, Treasurer, Anthony Rice


The following agreements were made:

1.       5no outings with Captain’s Day planned for 1st September possibly in Dundalk

2.       Depending on the deals Knightsbrook on the 12th July, and Rockmount for the first outing, Secretary to get the best deals possible at the time

3.       Membership subscription to be £25 for this year only to mark the 25th anniversary

4.       Renew membership of the Golfing Union of Ireland

5.       Weekend to be in Kilkenny – Date agreed is 22nd June, Mount Juliet Friday 22nd, Gowran Park Saurday 23rd, Castlecomer 24th June (will include buggies as per last year), 2no nights bed breakfast, 2no evening meals in the Hotel Kilkenny 4*, including the 3no rounds of golf, for a total price of €275/person, to secure your place which are limited please contact the secretary as soon as possible.

6.       Player of the Year – Seamus Sands

7.       Gross Player of the Year – Seamus Sands

8.       The Player & Gross Player of the Year to be decided from your best results of 4no out of the 6 counting outings, with the first day of the society weekend included

9.       Handicaps would be revised upwards, with each member getting 4no shots back provided it does not go about his official club (GUI) handicap.

10.   The Secretary and the Treasurer have stayed on for another year in the agreement that there would be a successor in place, his was agreed at the meeting with Barrie McCoy taking on the secretary’s role and Gary Sands taking the treasurer’s role in 2013. 


The Society would like to this opportunity to wish Barrie McCoy an enjoyable year as the Captain of the Society.

"Please Note a €50 deposit per person is required as soon as possible to secure your place for the Society Weekend, there are a limited number of places required "