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Saval May Day Festival - Battle of the Townlands

posted Apr 21, 2011, 4:58 AM by Saval Gac
Battle of the Townlands

Saval Festival Weekend - Friday 29th April


We have been asked several times ‘What is this Battle of the Townlands anyway?’– so here is a list of frequently asked questions and answers…..

What is it?

A talent competition

What are the rules?

You must be over 16 to take part and your act can from 2 to 10 minutes

Are there any exceptions to the rules?

Let’s just say some people need Geography lessons on the Townland borders in Saval!

Who is taking part?

Glenvale  (Although not a Townland, as we have been told)– led by the Cunninghams along with Kieran Madine and Redgy

Shinn – Frank Kerr and Catherine and Sean Digney are the proper ‘Shinn’ contenders but have some help from Derek McCarthy, Tommy Redmond and Jack Havern

Corcreechy/Carnacally – Michelle Rice leads the way with help from the McCarthys, Niall Turley and Paddy Clarke

Sheeptown –More McCarthys, Lennons and Madines galore with Declan McNally joining the clan

Savalmore – Hilly is the ringleader, that’s all you need to know!

Crohill/Crobane – The McAvoys and Kearneys lead the Crobane group with Deckie Fearon and the Fearon brigade, Mark Gordon and Keeva Redmond (another one who has lost her map!)

Derrylecka/Benagh – Marty Poland along with Dessie Mooney and Davy Hughes

What are their acts?

Well – we want to keep it all a surprise on the night but there are Novelty Acts, Singing and Dancing groups with a few unusual talents on show. Think Britains Got Talent/All-Ireland Talent Show Saval style…..

Is there anyone else taking part?

Drumgath will be performing their Scor Novelty Act, Glenn have their Scor Ballad and Instrumental groups and Ballyholland will have one of their ‘Jigs and Reels’ competitors, so plenty of rivalry from our neighbours!

What time does it kick off?


How is the winner decided?

The audience decides – one ticket, one vote!

Why should I go?

  • Because it will be great craic
  • There will be plenty of local talent on show
  • You can have slagging rights over any ‘dodgy’ talents
  • We need all the support of the community to help fundraise for all the events, football matches, training, training equipment, registration fees, coaching courses etc that take place in Saval over the ongoing year. (Ask not what your Club can do for you…..)

There will also be a Disco following the acts so you can dance the night away…..


See you then J

Saval Festival Committee